Stranger Things Are Happening Somewhere Else

<%image(20051027-Window Snow.jpg|216|162|window)%> This was the view I enjoyed yesterday with a cup of coffee and a digital camera. We had snow two nights ago and it laid about one to two inches on the ground in our valley. It’s all melted now, but the mountains are still covered above 1,500 feet. It makes for a really pretty drive to work. If the clouds scoot out of the way for a minute the view from my office is pretty sweet, with the peak of Mt. Equinow, blanketed in white, towering over me.

Here are a few more pictures from the snow fall, including a maple tree with green leaves and white snow. Stanger things surely must be happening somewhere else, but this is tough to beat.

Note the absence of the mountain behind the trees in our back yard.
<%image(20051027-trees in snow.jpg|216|162|trees)%>

This is the maple tree behind our house.
<%image(20051027-maple in snow2.jpg|162|216|maple tree)%>