Digital Revolution

<%image(20051104-At Home 002.jpg|180|135|camerabox)%> Tearing in to our new camera.
Our camera broke about 6 months ago and we have been waiting patiently to make our move into the world of digital photography. After much searching and researching, a gift made it possible to shell out the dough for a really nice digital camera. I ordered our Canon A95 Powershot from Beach Camera, which appears to be a top-notch operation. I ordered it yesterday morning and it arrived this afternoon, eventhough I chose the “14-day” shipping option. I’m glad I didn’t choose overnight! I am currently way too impressed with this camera and need to go to bed.

<%image(20051104-At Home 003.jpg|180|135|timmy)%> Timmy, the sweetheart of my in-laws, was the subject of my first picture. He’s an accomodating subject. The LCD screen that flips out is by far the coolest and the flash is really powerful. I could go on, but enough, I’m really not a technology Geek. Yet, I should confess that we purchased such a nice camera because I am sensing that God wants me to pursue photography as a hobby of sorts, and this is my first big step into it. I find that taking a close look at our world and seeing it from different angles and different shades of light is a wonderful way to worship God and appreciate the work of his hands.

Here’s a look at it from the beach camera site.