A Perfect Saturday in Vermont

<%image(20051105-Equinox Hike fall 05 005 smaller.jpg|216|162|maple and red mt.)%> Our Saturday began with clear blue skies and weather that was climbing to 60 degrees. With the settling of a frost in the Sourthern Vermont valley this past week, all of the trees holding back their color have gone into high speed foliage like the maple tree in our back yard. We then headed north to hike the next peak up in the Taconic Range: Mt. Equinox.

<%image(20051105-Equinox Hike fall 05 013 smaller.jpg|162|216|wind)%>
Wind had really done a number on the trees settled in soil soaked from 3 weeks of steady rain. There were trees all over the path and some that were bent over.

<%image(20051105-Equinox Hike fall 05 019 smaller.jpg|216|162|spring)%>

There was a wonderful Spring that was gushing out the side of the mountain.

<%image(20051105-Equinox Hike fall 05 064 smaller.jpg|216|162|Green Mountains)%>

The Green Mountains loomed off in the distance over the valley with the town of Manchester nestled in below. Bromley Mt. is the high peak off to the left on the ridge of the Green Mountains.