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My friend Jesse Joyner just started a blog: jessethejuggler.blogspot.com.
I am typically weary of new blogs. First of all I don’t have time to read much more than 10 blogs on a regular basis. The list on the side of this blog is a good representation of my regular blog diet. If a new blog comes out I give it a look, come back when I can, and – if it still holds my interest – eventually add it to my list.

In the case of Jesse I’m recommending him after only one post because I know he’s a thoughtful guy with the Spirit of God in him. I look forward to his future posts and expect some good discussions at his site. Jesse has a powerful anointing in ministering to children and his incredible juggling skills are a big part of that.

2 thoughts on “Juggler Blogs

  1. Jesse Joyner

    Thank you, Ed. I appreciate your optimism towards me. I also appreciate your words of wisdom about blogging. I am excited as well to see what kind of discussions we can all have in this medium.

    I would be humbled to ever be on your link list :)

  2. Ed Post author

    I’ll humble you all right . . . I mean, thanks for popping by Jesse. When I work on the links next week I’ll see what I can do.

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