Battenkill Photographic Expedition

<%image(20051117-Battenkill.jpg|189|252|Battenkill river)%> Well, it was more like walking down a trail in our yard with my digital camera and prowling along the shore of the Battenkill River that is basically in back of our property. Monday was had all you could ask of a fall day. Blue skies, glimmering sun, and crisp leaves blanketing the ground. The constant influx of rain has the Battenkill river running swiftly. It was the perfect opportunity for some outdoor photography.

The Battenkill River is part of God’s blessing for me. Back in Pennsylvania I would walk along the Delaware River with Julie and whistfully talk about living next to a river. I love the sound of the rushing water and the foamy rapids that leap over bulky rocks. I never thought it would happen. never. But now I have a fairly large river to explore and enjoy provided that the weather is not too hostile. Below are a few pictures from my little expedition/enjoyment of God’s creation. There is something about taking close up pictures, studying them, and finding something new about God and the pleasure he enjoys in creating beauty. (Note: the second to last picture is of Stratton Mt., that view is 30 minutes from Arlington, and the last one is a surprise . . .)

<%image(20051117-colorful rocks.jpg|252|189|rocks battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-rapids.jpg|252|189|rapids battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-River current.jpg|189|252|current battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-river over rocks.jpg|252|189|over rocks battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-river plant.jpg|252|189|plant battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-river rocks.jpg|252|189|rocks battenkill2)%>

<%image(20051117-water foam.jpg|252|189|foam battenkill)%>

<%image(20051117-StrattonMt.jpg|259|194|stratton mt)%>