Off to Philly

I’m off to the land of the cheesesteak, frustrated sports fans, soft pretzels, and that big bell with a crack in it. That means a few days away from the blog unless I can steal a few moments on someone elses computer. It will be a whirlwind tour primarily focused on visiting family, but I may steal a few moments at Ikea and at a diner as well. Julie is the driving force behind this trip. She’s going to the dog show at the Fort Washinton Expo Center with her friend. It’s a ritual for them.

If you want some interesting reading, check out Jordan Cooper’s review of The Great Giveaway. Also Todd Hiestand has a thought-provoking little piece of prose about Jesus. When most Christians attempt poetry I usually get sick to the stomach. The cheesy, predictable rhymes make you beat your head on nearby tables and the unwieldly style of free verse makes you want to jump out of the nearest window. Not so here. Todd does a nice job of writing plain pose in a poetic form, and I think it really works for meditation. The line breaks help you stop and think. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Off to Philly

  1. Todd

    thanks for the kind words. apprecaite it!

    also, not sure what you have in store for your weekend, i am sure its busy, but i live fairly close to the expo center and wouldn’t mind meeting for coffee, lunch or whatever.

    of course, you are always welcome at The Well on saturday night (we have a local concert) or sunday.

    enjoy your trip.

  2. Ed Post author

    You’re welcome. My schedule is filled to the gills, but I will be in the area in December for an ETREK class at Biblical. Perhaps we could connect around then. We’re driving back to the Green Mountains on Sunday night, but the concert sounds like a good time.

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