Colonialism or Relief Work?

<%image(20051122-new tribes Ven.jpg|130|145|ntm)%> I’m about a month behind this story. Apparently President Chavez of Venezuela has decided to kick out New Tribes Mission. He claims they have brought in all kinds of “stuff” (great word choice there Hugo) into impoverished areas and set up camps in a spirit of colonialism that threatens Venezuelan sovereignty (link). My first thought was, “We had THAT coming for a long time.” With so much colonialism in our missionary methods, we were bound to get caught.

But I’m not so sure that New Tribes is guilty in this case. The locals on the ground see things differently (link). I think that Chavez is up to no good.

Do we need to take him out? . . . to lunch I meant . . . so we can talk . . . or something.