Bad Puns, Good State

<%image(20051127-Maine 05 037 smaller.jpg|252|189|Portland lighthouse)%> A trip to my wife’s ancestral home in the “GRAND STATE OF MAINE” always brings blessings and curses. It’s always a top notch time with family, site seeing along the Portland coast. Yet, the very name of the state prompts tons of puns and the unique Maine accent leaves me in stiches. Going to main st.? Aren’t they all “Maine” streets? What is the “Maine” thing? And so on. The Boston-esque accent throws a spin on names like Brenda and Alta, becoming “Brender” and “Alter”. With my own Philly dialect well in place, my ears always perk up in North East New England. They really do some fancy things with the letter “a”.

And who can go to the Maine coast without seeing some lighthouses and the wonderful rocky shores. Beaches are dotted in between cliffs and groves of weathered rocks, while islands pop out of the distant surf. It truly is a far cry from the familiar beaches of New Jersey that eternally extend beyond the horizon. I took about 80 pictures while in Maine. Some came out better than others. I have posted some below. If you’re interested in getting your paws on the full size jpeg. of one of these or want to see some other shots, just post a comment with your e-mail address. (note: the last two are from a beach in Maine: close ups of red sand and a rock). Enjoy.

<%image(20051127-Maine 05 010 smaller.jpg|252|189|Portland lighthouse2)%>

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<%image(20051127-Maine 05 083 smaller.jpg|252|189|rock on beach)%>