Compass Bearing

It’s hunting season. I don’t mind eating meat, but killing it myself is not my idea of a good time. While I love a good hike in the woods, I cannot fathom how these guys track through the wilderness for hours and manage to return to their pickup trucks at the end of the day. For some, it’s a matter of reading a compass on a regular basis.

There are so many directions we can choose. So much to occupy our attention. There are so many things and people that appear important, urgent, in our face, screaming for attention. And yet only one thing is necessary. At the end of the day, the blinds I’m hanging, the trim I’m putting up, or the floor I’m laying mean nothing if I do not have the one necessity. Jesus. Am I full of him? Too often I’m full of “it” and not of him. And so I am struck by my need to take a compass reading on a regular basis. To read something that points me to Jesus. Pardon the cheesy pictures, but these articles seemed to help me: (The Missing Ingredient)

I weary of emerging church, missional church, “anything” church. Can we be satisfied with knowing that we love God, hear God, and obey God? I don’t know. Somedays I feel like the laziest Christian in the world. Sometimes I wish I was in a ministry, any ministry. Even if it’s a bad ministry, I at least would be doing SOMETHING. Other days I am glad that I can be used right in my work place and in other relationships.

And don’t give me the line about, “Of course God can use you just where you’re at.” Americans are greedy, prideful, ambitious little buggers who are looking out for number one. And guess what, I’m no exception. I do my best to be of no use to God. I have my own needs to look out for.

I just want a ministry to hide behind. If I’m busy for God, then I don’t have to face up to him, be intimate, ripped apart, and changed.

I need an alibi for my sin. “What was that God? You wanted me to help widows and orphans? Sorry, I was too busy implementing a vast evangelistic strategy to bring the Gospel to my town. And don’t ask me why no one came to any of our events. I was about to ask you the same question.” “Oh, and sorry I never prayed, read the Bible, or sat quietly before you. Doing your work is very demanding.”

be still. love. jesus. it’s not hard. it’s simple. a kid could do it. why can’t we. too much tv. too many blogs. too many things.

Oh, and Christmas is coming. I am determined to do very simple gifts this year for my family. Why? Because yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent and I was alamred. Shoot. Now I have to buy my family gifts. What a downright sucky way to get ready for the birth of Jesus. Hustle, bustle, spend, rush, wrap, bake, and repeat. I can’t believe the beginning of Advent actually triggered an aprehension toward shopping.

Advent = shopping.
First week of Advent = 4 weeks of shopping left.

That is too much. Time for a compass reading.

be still. love. jesus.

May God be merciful to us as we reach out to him, and he pursues us during our busy days.