Wednesday Night

<%image(20051129-philly.jpg|115|74|philly)%> For those of you in the Philadelphia area, Julie and I will be on the Channel Six news at 11 pm on Wednesday night regarding our moving disaster with the “company of whom we do not speak” (UH–L). We’re not out for revenge, though it does feel good to air our grievances in the most public manner possible. Though the focus of the report is how shoddily the company runs and how angry this is making consumers, we have moved on out of necessity. It’s not nice to feel powerless, to be yelled at by people who are taking your money, to be lied to, to wait on hold for hours while calling long distance . . . you get the picture. Forgive, forget, but tell the truth. That’s what we tried to do.

I hope to post tommorrow on forgiveness and some of the emotions I went through while dealing with the company of whom we do not speak.

One thought on “Wednesday Night

  1. Wong Online PoKér Hu

    I hope that this company get what they deserve. I know all about the forgive, forget and move on part. I think the company base their movements and their customer relationships on that too. I don’t think they’ve heard of karma though.

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