24 Days Until the Birth of Jesus

<%image(20051201-adventwreath.jpg|102|141|advent)%> Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. It passed in relative quiet when compared with the frantic coverage of Black Friday. When I think of Christmas, I think “presents.” And its no longer presents for me. Perhaps in the days of my youth, but now the stress of buying presents for other people has taken over. In order to minimize the damage of our commercialized holiday season, I have devised a two-pronged approach.

1. I will try to blog as often as I can on Jesus. That’s right Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It’s too easy to miss him in regular life, and now much more in the holiday marathon that ends on Christmas Day. I hope to be a bastion for Jesus so that he does not get lost in the commercialism, consumerism, and every other -ism that threatens our worship of Jesus.

2. I will deploy the best of male shopping methods with a simple and pragmatic gift focus.

a. Buy gifts that are either needed or have a unique significance to the other person.

b. Gifts will be purchased commando-style (this is what guys do best). In other words, a plan will be developed and then executed with swift precision. Leaving the store without a present is NOT AN OPTION!!! This will hopefully keep my gift-buying time to a minimum.

So in the Spirit of Jesus and the whole “holiday season” that he started, here are some stories that I think are worth a look:

What would Rick, I mean Jesus, do? Saddleback reachs out to AIDS victims.

Two days of global military spending = the amount of money needed to adequately care for victims of war, famine, and disease.

A Big Thumbs Down For Wal-Mart?

Christ our Desire: Chip’s has a knack for being right. This article helped affirm a thought I had the other night: The Psalms say, “Having you (the Lord) I desire nothing else.” So if I’m desiring something other than God or even lots of other things besides God, then do I “have” him. Has our theology made us so secure that we don’t seek out God on a regular basis? Do I have Jesus today and does he have me? In addition, I am a rotten person. Really. I don’t want to be obedient or to love God and others. And so it would seem that when I am rotten, I also have a God deficiency. This is not a matter of questioning salvation so much as a caution to an evangelical assumption: I’m saved, God’s living in me, things are cool. There is a lot of hard work involved in keeping God in your life and keeping sin out, just ask my shoulder.