23 Days Until the Birth of Jesus: Finding What Really Matters

<%image(20051202-churchsepulcher.jpg|120|90|churchholysep)%> I apologize if this sounds like a Reader’s Digest story . . . A young man is staying in Jerusalem and spends the night at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. In the morning he visits a site that commemorates the Resurrection. Upon seeing this empty tomb, he believes. Jesus rose, is alive today, and was calling him. After his world changed so dramatically, he received a strange commission from the Lord: Live as if you have six months left before you die. Listen to the story under the 2005 Archives of This American Life, November 25th show, “New Beginnings”.

It’s a helpful reminder of what really matters. As you gather with family this holiday season, enjoy the little things, the small side conversations, the chance to catch up. Though God is above all, these intimate moments with family are a close second.