18 Days Until the “Birth” of Jesus: A Better Gift That You Won’t Have to Buy

I’ve already spent several hours online shopping for gifts for family and friends. That’s right Joel, your gift already arrived! But I had a thought. So Christmas happens because of Jesus. Right? Right. And, pardon me if this sounds corny, cheesy, preachy, trite, and downright blah, but God’s gift of Jesus is kind of why we give gifts to one another . . . Well, sure, but I think keeping the American economy afloat is a much stronger reason. OK, but granted that, it still remains that God’s Son became a human in order to reunite his creation with the Creator.

So here is my thought. What if each Christian committed to pray every day for someone to personally know Jesus. I would say that knowing Jesus is a much better gift than anything found online. Of course I hate forced attempts to drum up evangelism and whatever. So modify it if need be. If you’re having a hard time finding a gift for someone, pray for them. Ask God what his heart is for that person, and then pray into what he reveals.

I think it would be very freeing for us to redefine gift giving.

What if Christmas became synonymous with spiritual awakening and not economic revival???