Zoto’s Part One (13 Days Until the “Birth” of Jesus)

<%image(20051212-etrek_05.gif|195|63|etrek)%> Down in Pennsylvania for an ETREK class with Barry Taylor. Of course I could not resist having breakfast at Zoto’s diner this morning. I met with Todd Heistand of toddheistand.com and thewellpa.com fame.

It’s always great to talk with Todd. He’s a big fan of experimenting, making a few mistakes, and then pushing on. God is doing some great things at the Well. It’s been hard lately, so I think they must be doing something right! They are forming tons of relationships and letting the ministry happen through them. It sounds a lot like something Jesus would do. He’s also doing freelance web page work to help make ends meet, so if anyone wants a kickin’ web page like the Well’s, look him up.

I’ll be posting some samples of what we’re learning today with Barry at the ETREK class for all of you who are dying for the ETREK experience.

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