Forget King Kong

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I honestly think King Kong will have nothing on “The End of the Spear”. It’s a movie based on the mission of Jim Elliot and four Christian missionaries to the Auca tribe of Ecuador. While their wives and children waited to hear word from them, the five men were killed by the tribe because some young people falsely accused the men of threatening them. The young teens were just trying to keep themselves out of trouble and it was easy to blame the foreigners.

<%image(20051219-sandbar.jpg|218|134|sandbar)%> What’s more amazing is that Elizabeth Elliot and Rachel Saint went eventually shared the Gospel with this tribe about 2 years later. Since the tribe lived by violence, they found that having lost family and friends to the spears of the warriors gave them something in common with the tribe. They found a true bond with the people and the love of Jesus has infiltrated the tribe to the point that violence has significantly eroded away. In fact, they only agreed to help with a documentary and the subsequent movie after hearing how violent the USA is. They wanted to help the people who had helped them so much.

I watched the documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor this past weekend. It was riveting, emotional, powerful, inspiring, and incredibly well done.

The movie titled, End of the Spear will come out on January 20th. It’s based on the book with the same title by Steve Saint, a son of one of the missionaries who lived with the tribe and befriended the man who had killed his father. It’s an absolutely astounding story. If the movie is anything like the documentary, it should be a great film. Yes it will probably have some strong Christian overtones, but the documentary was far from preachy. It just told the story, and the story itself is enough.

I have only heard bits and pieces of the story of Jim Elliot. The truth is that all of these missionaries were/are incredible disciples of Christ who gave up what they could not keep to gain what they could never lose (HT Jim). The five missionaries who were martyred had guns, but refused to use them. They declared, “We’re ready for heaven, and the Aucas are not.” That is faith if I’ve ever seen it.

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