I Knew It, I Knew It!!! (Five Days Until the “Birth” of Jesus)

My finest idea came last night and of course the New York Times wrote a story about it today. Man, the information age is way too much for me. Maybe George W. has tapped our brains as well as our phone lines . . . but I digress.

I was thinking of how neat it will be to use Google Earth as a way to study Biblical geography (by the way, download Google Earth if your internet is fast enough and your computer is new enough, it’s way too much fun). Think about it, you could get all kinds of shots of the wilderness for the Exodus, check out the Sea of Galilee, and observe mountain and valley formations. Whereas maps are dull, drap, and horribly static, Google Earth is far more interactive and open for zooming and roaming.

That led to another thought . . . Since going to Israel in 2005, I have always been curious about several archeological sites. Before boarding the plane, my friend Adam said, “Don’t bother going to Mount Sinai, it’s probably the wrong site.”

That unleashed tons of speculation and curiousity about the real location of Mt. Sinai. It’s supposedly covered up by the Saudi Arabian government. It’s probably in their interest to keep one of the holiest Jewish and Christian sites under wraps. But now Google Earth will enable me to leap past their security fences and have a look at the desert by the Red Sea. I’ll have a look tonight and post my findings tommorrow. I’m curious if anyone else can find something.