Merry Christmas Boston!

<%image(20051224-damon_i.jpg|275|200|damon)%> Ah, nothing warms my Philadelphia heart like mediocrity and poor management of a sports team. Yes, the Boston Red Sox’s blunder in the case of Johnny Damon is wonderful to watch. The fans are outraged, calling him a traitor, Judas, Brutus, you name it. And I just shrug my shoulders. This is nothing new to a guy from the inept sports city of Philly.

And let Philly be the first to comfort Boston with the prophecy that Damon will have the biggest year of his career and lead the Yankees to a World Series title. That’s how it’s going to be. Just expect it.

Before we cast stones at Damon, it is advisable to consult the article by Bill Simmons at He writes:

The question remains: If you were Johnny Damon, would you have passed up $12 million to return to a team that didn’t really seem to want you back? Didn’t think so. He’s not Anakin, he’s not Judas, he’s not the Reverse Earl Hickey. He’s just another businessman who followed the money and never looked back.
In other words, he’s a professional athlete.

His points:
– fans are fickle and turn on athletes
– they would have eventually booed Damon out of Boston anyway
– athletes follow money like a hound on the scent of a fox

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