A Look At the News

<%image(20060104-pakistan.jpg|203|152|pakistantent)%> It’s far too easy to forget that an entire region of Pakistan was virtually leveled a few months ago. Life picks up where it left off, we become busy, and we forget that thousands of people are living in makeshift tents in the middle of winter. Hostile winter weather can stop food airlifts and make for a truly terrrible time. These people who are in need of so much material assistance also need our prayers, particularly for a mild winter. (link)

How to help:
Disasters Emergency Committee (UK)
World Food Programme
Kashmir International Relief Fund
Red Cross/ Red Crescent

US Mine Reporting Fiasco
I woke up this morning to hear the BBC report on VPR regarding the failure of the press to accurately convey the status of the rescue efforts to the families of coal miners in West Virginia. Someone apparently spread the idea that all of the miners were found alive. (link).

And then for some inconceivable reason, it took 3 whole hours to get it right. In the end, one miner survived out of 13. And he’s in critical condition. (link) The BBC reporter commented that the competitive nature of the news industry pushed someone too far. What a horribly sad day.