Pictures To Be Posted on Sunday

After purchasing some new cross country ski boots and the bindings today, we took a short tour of the Long Trail south of VT 11 and 30 in the Green Mountains. We had a field day taking pictures of the sun set and I will post a bunch of them tommorrow.

To add to the excitement, we had a Christmas tree burning in the park next to our house tonight. It probably didn’t live up to our expectations, especially since it was on the other side of the park and we had to drag our tree a half mile to the bon fire, but it was still a fun time out. More pictures to come from that as well.

Lastly, I have been plodding through Emerging Churches by Gibbs and Bolger and am thoroughly enjoying it. They keep hitting me with the missional and emerging idea of forming communities around and in the Kingdom of God. God and his work is who/what we gather around, and then things take shape from there. If you really think through this, it’s a staggering shift in how we think of Christians and church. Worship becomes more holistic, service is more central, and meetings are more flexible. More on this later as well.