News and Blog Report

Yesterday and today seem to have brought an extraordinary amount of news and blog posts worth noting. I’ll do my best to group them together:

New York Times
Gaza Strip: Armed Men, Lacking Jobs, Fuel Gaza’s ‘Violent Energy’.
A look at the desperate situation in the isolated Gaza Strip. How much worse can it get there?

Denmark Is Unlikely Front in Islam-West Culture War
France isn’t the only place with racial tensions and problems with integrating large numbers of immigrants.

Mexican Women Risk All to Enter U.S.
A report of the heart-breaking dilemnas the drive Mexican women to immigrate illegally. Can’t we do something better than building better fences and putting more troops in the field?

Other News
Little cheer from Sudan peace
“Millions of Sudanese still live in fear of violence, a year after the peace deal ended 21 years of war between north and south, aid agencies say. Many Sudanese have little to celebrate because of conflict in the western province of Darfur and insecurity in the south and east, they say.”

Wound Up Over Windmills in NY State
This is a problem in Vermont too. My view on this: People want to have their cake and eat it too. We want clean renewable energy, but we don’t want ugly ridglines. Boo-hoo, there’s a windmill on the mountain behind me and my property value is declining. Here’s a thought, maybe we need property value to drop . . . a lot. With all of the New York City and Connecticut folk, building huge mansions up in Vermont and upstate NY, property values have soared. I for one welcome wind mills. Even if they’re a sight for sore eyes, I think they’re a good source of power and struggling towns can make a few bucks off them as well.

Reporter abducted in Iraq, Interpreter Killed
“Jill Carroll, a freelance journalist currently on assignment for The Christian Science Monitor, was abducted by unknown gunmen in Baghdad Saturday morning. Her Iraqi interpreter was killed during the kidnapping.”
She was abducted in a rough part of town where militants already killed one lady who was doing relief work. Let’s remember to pray for Jill and the family of her interpreter.

US bid to avert new Horn conflict
“The United States says it is sending a high-level team to Ethiopia and Eritrea to try to solve their long-running border dispute.”

Emergent Kiwi
Steve Taylor has a collection of “post cards” documenting various emerging ministries. It’s very clever and worth a look.

Our Daily Blog
Andrew Jones, of TSK fame, put a together a daily blog with one quote a day from a 1970’s book titled “The Emerging Church.” The quotes are excellent. Here’s one from a few days ago:
“Wherever there are a few individuals willing and ready to be Christ’s people in their own situation and place, there the emerging Church is coming into its own. “Do you not perceive it?””
Larson, Osborne, The Emerging Church (1970), p11

The Invisible College: Christians and Globalization
I found this courtesy of Jordan Cooper.

Read a classic book online for free. Thanks to TSK for the link.