My Sarcastic Side

I wrote a little fictional piece about the excommunication of Paul a few months back in order to explore the complexities of culture when dealing with the Gospel and theology. Fast forward to last week. I revised it and then submitted it to the ooze and to my surprise, they just published it (link).

And now visitors to this blog can read why Jesus was a church planting failure. Well, not really. You’ll have to read the posts to get it.

I have to confess, I love sarcasm, satire, and tongue in cheek humor. I think it is one of the most powerful mediums for communicating truth and critically examining our world. If we can add a twist to reality, distort it, lower our defenses through some well-placed jokes, then perhaps we are most prepared to deal with difficult topics.

If we can laugh at someone from today critiquing the “church planting failure” of Jesus, then perhaps we can also laugh at ourselves and think critically about what passes for church planting today. If we can see how ridiculous it is to criticize Paul for adapting the Gospel to Greek culture, then perhaps we’ll have more grace for emerging ministries adapting the Gospel for today’s culture.

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