The Seasons of Ministry (Now We’ve Got It!)

This is autobiographical, but don’t think you haven’t done the same thing at least once.

Now we’ve got it, let’s rid ourselves of religious symbols and liturgy.
Now we’ve got it, let’s bring in guitars and drums so we can play hip worship songs.
Now we’ve got it, let’s start small groups because that’s how we’ll meet needs and grow.
Now we’ve got it, let’s add a youth service to give them a place to meet God (and keep them around).
Now we’ve got it, let’s integrate movies, drama, and visuals into our worship service.
Now we’ve got it, let’s say ancient prayers and light some candles.
Now we’ve got it, let’s have more discussions instead of sermons.
Now we’ve got it, let’s talk about serving the poor and then hand out food to them.
Now we’ve got it, let’s be missional and have spiritual discussion in public places.
Now we’ve got it, let’s focus on the Kingdom of God above everything else.
Have we ever got it? Not if we do all these things and forget about Jesus.

Through all of our changes, insights, trends, and lessons, it’s so easy to miss Jesus. He has a plan, a method, and, most importantly, a heart for us and for others. If you talk with someone this week about any of the above things (which are not “bad” things), why not make a point to talk about Jesus first? Let’s keep our perspective straight as disciples of our Lord.

2 thoughts on “The Seasons of Ministry (Now We’ve Got It!)

  1. Roger O-Donnell

    I would suggest that the Lord may be more interested in you doing the good and being *like* him, rather than prosletysing. It was the message and the actions that are of import…

    To paraphrase Christina Georgina Rossetti, it is better to perform the actions and forget, than remember and just talk.

  2. Ed Post author

    I’m not sure if I was clear in this post. What I mean is if you’re talking with a fellow Christian, don’t just fritter your time away on ministry strategy and methods. Spend some time talking about Jesus. Don’t lose Jesus in the midst of trying out the latest thing, even if we need to think about relevant ways to minister. Before we think about being relevant to others, we should be relevant with God.

    So my thoughts here don’t concern evangelism. They concern our approach to ministry and how easy it is to miss Jesus.

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