End of the Spear

<%image(20060120-endofthespear2.jpg|81|114|endofspear)%> If you’re not in the middle of the wilderness like me (really, it’s just down the road!), you can go see The End of the Spear at your local movie “multi-plex”. It’s the story of five Christian couples who went to Ecuador in order to share the Gospel with a tribe known as one of the most violent in their region. Jim and Elizabeth Elliot are two of the best known members of this group. The five men went to meet up with the tribe and were murdered due to a false accusation that some young members of the tribe brought against them.

This move and the story behind it get me thinking quite a bit. One thing that I can’t get out of my mind is the oft repeated dilemna that faces Christians, “If Jesus is the only way to God, then what will happen to the people who have never heard about him in the jungle?”

Well, this movie shows 10 people who were convinced that this tribe needed Jesus. They were so convinced about this that they refused to use their firearms against the tribe if attacked. Their reasoning? “We’re ready and they’re not.” You can dare to call this snobbish absolutism, but think about this, they put their lives behind this belief. Everything was given up to bring this tribe to Jesus. They knew that Jesus is the only door, but they worked desperately to share him.

Perhaps it is easier to say that Jesus is the only way to God while we are laboring on the mission field for him. Such a topic may not lend itself very easily for academic debate.