Read Someone Else’s Blog

I subscribe to blog aggregator and love it. It gets me out of my comfortable neighborhood of frequented blogs and gives samples of what other people are up to. Here are some blogs to check out today:

Jason Clark: He has some good thoughts, snippets, and links.

Brother Maynard: a top-notch blog with a good post on “The Inherited Church.”

What Is Interesting thoughts on building programs.

Dry Bones Dance: A fun blog to read with some good thoughts. She has been called “a bogus shepherd leading people off a cliff,” which is kind of a typical comment from critics of emerging Christians.

The Bolg Blog: Very interesting to see how consumer thinking is in both church and synagogue. Regarding the S3K meeting with emerging leaders, I noticed that hasn’t been set up yet.

Jesus Creed: Scott on bird-watching spirituality. Some great thoughts.

Doug Pagitt: Of all days. I began thinking I needed to add some links to my blog and was thinking of adding him. Of course he’s just announced that he’s through with blogging. Am I a Johnny-come-lately or what?

Man, I thought that it would be lazy to post to other people’s sites, but it took me way more time to look them up, read them, summarize them, and link to them than it typically does to drum out my latest whim. Jordon Cooper, how do you do it?