New Feeds

I often admit that I’m one of the last people to hop on a trend. My latest adventure is with Feedburner, a feed burner that is very popular and easy to use. With my luck they’ll probably be phased out next week by a new program, but for now, I’m catching up . . . barely.

Last week a reader of the blog commented that I need a feed for the site. I know that we have one somewhere. I was able to find it with bloglines, my news and blog lifeline. My knowledge stopped there. How to make it available or to “syndicate it” was a mystery.

I shipped off an e-mail and Josh sent me the link to our feed, and then I took my sweet old time working on the rest. I finally got it together and signed up with feedburner, added all kinds of bells and whistles that I’m sure no one will care for, and then junked up the side of the blog with subscription links. I figured, what the heck, it can only make subscribing easier.

So to all of you who aren’t up on feeds or what “RSS” means, ask somebody else. Once they tell you what to do about it, it’s a really easy way to make your site much more accessible.

And what’s next for me? Perhaps technorati? Nah, I’ll wait until it gets more insanely popular.