Red Mountain Hike

<%image(20060124-redmountainhike view.jpg|300|225|redmtview)%> Last weekend we did some exploring in our back yard . . . literally. I’ve taken enough pictures of Red Mountain, a 2,800 foot mountain that looms over us, but we have yet to scale it. While we didn’t make it to the summit this past weekend, we did some exploring and found what trails to take and which ones to avoid. Going in was easy enough, but we ended up bush wacking a bit, climbing up some steep old logging roads, scrambling up a steep slope, getting within 10 feet of a ridgeline that would provide a scenic path to the top, and then finding that a HOUSE was already up there!

We apparently had gotten onto some private land or something. We heard rumors of a guy on Red Mountain who has a helicopter, but now we know.

In any case, we doubled back and found some other trails that flanked a beautiful ravine. There were great views along the way and we ended up finding a nice little water fall and stream


<%image(20060124-redmountainhike view2.jpg|300|225|redmtview2)%>

<%image(20060124-redmountainhike stream1.jpg|300|225|stream1)%>

<%image(20060124-redmountainhike stream2.jpg|225|300|stream2)%>

<%image(20060124-redmountainhike view3.jpg|225|300|view3)%>

4 thoughts on “Red Mountain Hike

  1. Zeke

    Hello, found the page via a google search. Are you talking about the new construction near the top, along the trail / Tory Lane?

  2. ed Post author

    No. I hiked up near the top another time from Tory Lane, but I think that was before the new construction. This was from the other side. We accessed it from 313 in West Arlington and got a little turned around on the logging roads. I think we were off to the right of the mountain and in retrospect were quite far from the summit.

  3. Zeke

    Gotcha. 20-some odd years ago my parents and I lived in the same location as the new building (built on the same foundation, looks like it’ll be a hunting lodge). Even then there was another lodge further up. It seems remote but then nothing is these days.

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