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Bono bets on Red to battle Aids: The rock star Bono has launched a new global brand, Product Red, with a share of profits to go to the fight against Aids in Africa. Launch partners American Express, Gap, Converse and Giorgio Armani announced a range of “red” branded products.

Internet serves as ‘social glue’: E-mail cements rather than replaces offline friendships.
The internet has played an important role in the life decisions of 60 million Americans, research shows. Whether it be career advice, helping people through an illness or finding a new house, 45% of Americans turn to the web for help, a survey by US-based Pew Internet think-tank has found.

Rebels battling for Darfur town: Fighting is continuing in Sudan’s war-torn Darfur province, where rebels are trying to take a government-held town, the UN says. The clashes have prompted aid agencies to pull out of the area around Golo. The US has condemned the rebel attacks.

MPs demand sanctions over Darfur: A group of MPs wants the government to push the United Nations to impose sanctions against Sudan for failing to curb atrocities in the Darfur region. The Commons International Development Committee accuses Sudan authorities of blocking international peace-keepers.

Benedict Seeks To Surprise With Encyclical on Love
WASHINGTON – By choosing to highlight in his first encyclical letter to the world’s billion Catholics the meaning of Christian love, Pope Benedict XVI is setting a papal agenda aimed at reviving a vibrant practice of the faith with a return to the basics. The new pope’s 71-page letter, “On Christian Love,” touches on the connection between human and divine love and addresses the charitable work of individual Christians, calling this – and not temporal authority – fundamental to the mission of the church.

Google Praised, Chided For Sanitized Site
SHANGHAI, China Jan 26, 2006 — Google’s decision to filter sensitive topics from Web searches in China is a major triumph for the regime’s campaign to have the Internet censor itself, observers said Thursday, amid mounting criticism of the move.