Our New Floor

This weekend Julie will be running away to spend time with a friend and that means I get to tear the place apart. It’s my largest undertaking for quite some time and my father-in-law is going to be a big part of it: we’re putting in a laminate floor in our kitchen and bathroom. I got most of the flooring from IKEA with my own modifications here and there. It’s a pretty sharp maple look.

I need to get up tommorrow morning and stain the quarter round and take up the carpet tiles. The tiles have served us well, but we both find that carpet can be tough when you get messy with spilling oil, sauce, and who knows what.

Here are some before pictures:
<%image(20060127-kitchen before2.jpg|210|285|before)%>

<%image(20060127-Kitchen before.jpg|225|300|before2)%>