Git Er’ Done

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 003.jpg|244|325|me with pad)%> A few sore fingers and aching knees later, and our maple floor is almost done. My father-in-law and I tore into it today and made some great progress. While the first star goes to him, the second star goes to my Ryobi mitre saw that I bought last week at Home Depot (on sale!). I come in third because the saw was clearly more valuable than myself. It made cutting everything so dang easy. I even experimented with cutting my trim angles and found that it did a top notch job.

So I still have all of my digits and we’ll wrap up this job tommorrow with some laminate panels to spare. It’s now time for a photgraphic run down of the day. The dog in one of the pictures is my in-law’s hound/beagle/mystery mix. He didn’t help very much, but he always made sure he was laying right where the next piece of laminate was supposed to snap in. I’ll put a few more pics up on Flickr. See the link below.

The picture here is of me putting down the pad, I wasn’t just posing on the floor to look like I was working. Real work was being done when the picture was snapped.

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 001.jpg|244|325|floor1)%>

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 002.jpg|244|325|floor2)%>

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 007.jpg|325|244|floor3)%>

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 010.jpg|244|325|floor4)%>

<%image(20060128-maplefloor 012.jpg|325|244|ryobi...git er' done)%>

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