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The Introspective Blogger

Times of introspection and self-evaluation are crucial. It is all too easy to keep our feet moving, hands busy, and ears filled with noise. I find that I rarely ever stop and take a look at myself. And when I do stop and take a look at myself, I typically see things that I don’t like very much.

While I have not brought myself to a full stop, I have slowed my pace down enough to notice a few trends. One thing is that I have too many things to eat up my time. I have a few blogs, a Google page, flickr account, vimeo account, account, blogline account, and read and waste time at various other web sites. When you take all of these online pursuits and then combine them with the stack of books that I want to read, my new html hobby, our new rabbits, household projects, and general household upkeep, it can be a bit too much.

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A Very Important Issue in Our House

The town of Sunderland Vermont will vote next week on whether or not they will close the town’s Elementary School, again. See the Rutland Herald article. I don’t think the town will shut the school down, but if they do, I think the kids will lose more than any one else. Also, without the school, this small town of 800 would only have road department left . . . oh, and a school board without a school.

I have some strong opinions about this, but it’s not worth getting into all of that here.

Ways to Fritter Away My Time

One of the latest ways I can fritter away my time is by making buttons. The Kalsay Button Maker is a really easy way for html novices like myself to make sporty buttons. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine. But if you want to have a uniform look to the buttons on your site, then this is just the thing.

The button here is to my new web site that contains my writing, non-profit tips, photography, and other general tips that may help anyone. Of particular interest to churches would be my tips on volunteers. As a volunteer since the age of 15, 3 years working as the administrative guy at a church, and then currently serving as a volunteer coordinator, I can tell you that churches have a very spotty track record in the area of volunteers. They need rethink how they use volunteers: recruiting, training, caring, and appreciating. I have some tips posted at my new site and will continue to do so.

If you find my new site useful, you can add my button to your web site (if you like that kind of thing):
The site is:
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width=”80″ height=”15″ border=”0″

Last Chance for Second Chance

While I don’t know much about this movie, a friend of mine who ministers in the inner-city sent out the following message today:

“This [past] weekend my husband and I saw the movie “Second Chance” (the one with Michale W. Smith). I wasn’t expecting much, but was blown away. The accuracy of the depiction of inner city ministy was refreshing (it was really not holywoodized). I have never related to a movie as closly as I did this one. It addresses some major issues in the american church today that are often overlooked. It gives a powerful and biblical message for both sides of the issue they are addressing. Sadly, I have heard almost nothing about it (even in “Christian” media). Therefore I just wanted to strongly encourage anyone who can to see this move while it is still out.”

You can go to the Second Chance web site to find out more about the movie, as well as dowload all kinds of promotional stuff link the doo-dads I have here if you’re into things like that. Since I am challenged in the area of code, I need to paste this kind of stuff into my blogs in order to make myself feel more adequate.

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And on Other Blogs . . .

Mondays allow some time to browse blogs beyond my daily diet. There’s nothing better than being able to follow every link that my heart desires and fill up my tabs with a host of interesting pages. Here are a few that drew my attention today:

Another Kind of Christian: Sherman presents a good characterization of two kinds of Christians (particularly within the conservative/post-conservative camp) and then asks what makes them different. My question that follows up on this is, “Why do they sometimes quarrel?” That may be a good topic for a future post.

Emerging Peter: A Community Gospel
and Emergent Theology: Scot McKnight continues on his blogging tear. While dealing with emerging church issues and theology, I love how he never gets lost in them because he’s above all else a Biblical Theologian. He loves the Bible and is a great example of someone who deals with the theological challenges of today without losing his footing in Biblical study and reflection.

Ancient/Future Catholic Musings
wants to know what you’re doing for Lent: How about this or that.

Canadian Olympic Cartoon Review: thanks Brother Maynard.

More Olympic Cartoons.

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First Time

Yesterday a couple of firsts happened for us. One is ice skating outside at the town rink. It’s just a rectangular slab of asphalt painted blue that is filled up with water, frozen, and then cleared of snow. I’ve always had to pay admission in order to ice skate. Now we can just cross-country ski or snow shoe across the rec park with our skates, lace them up, and we’re ready to go. It’s a great time, even if our skates are dull. The hockey stop is my next project.

< %image(20060227-EvaMunching2.jpg|300|225|eva)%> Another first for us is having rabbits around the house. You can see pictures of Bailey and Eva, our mini rex rabbits, by clicking on the flickr badge in the left column. Bailey sits on the couch with me and attempts to scamper onto my lap or onto the lap top. He sometimes manages to hit the enter key or the arrows. It’s kind of hysterical to watch him slide all over the lap top keyboard.

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A Controversial Conservative Look at Abortion

I know that abortion is one of those topics that can fuel tensions for both conservatives and liberals. It has polarized both sides of the debate, making sworn enemies out of complete strangers. With the appointment of Justice Alito to the Supreme Court, many conservatives are hoping to take a shot at banning abortion. If they should succeed, I believe that this could be one of the greatest tragedies to befall the pro-life movement, throwing us into a battle over the right for abortion, rather than addressing the reasons for abortion. I hope to spend a little bit of time here fleshing out why I think this is so.

I began musing over the polarities of the abortion debate a year ago. It’s simply irresponsible to villify conservatives as wanting to control women and take over their bodies or liberals as murderers with blood-stained hands. Please spare me from such incomplete thoughts here. Both sides of the debate want good things, but both have a dark side. We need to explore both dark sides and then find a place where we can find a win-win solution that saves as many lives as possible and takes care of women.

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