MegaChurch: the game

<%image(20060202-megachurchgame.gif|162|278|megachurch)%> That’s right, you can now create the church you want, anyway you want (check out the game). Tim Bednar has entered whitty and completely made-up video game into the Huffington Post contest. If you enjoy what you see, vote for Tim by putting up a link on your blog.

Perhaps one of the best lines in the description is “Denominations and Bible colleges use it to prepare potential church planters or associate pastors. It is better than an internship!”

Andrew Jones, whom I credit with alerting me to this wonderful game, writes about the emergent plug-in:

“Now, thanks to the emergent plug-in provided by the game’s creator Tim Bednar, my family and I can enjoy hours of productive, informative family fun, and create churches with couches, candles, karaoke machines and video ipod stations with wireless connection to the main projection screen. How refreshing it is to have our virtual parishioners complain about the chai rather than the coffee.

So now . . with the emergent plug -in (included free-of charge), I highly recommend this game for families everywhere seeking a new level of eccumenatainment that will transform the way we think about church. ”