Too Good To Be True

It was too good to be true. A movie is made that faithfully tells one of the most courageous acts by a group of Christians in this century. It’s a story of hope, redemption, and healing. It gained publicity and was shown in major theaters. The film was done well, produced with emotion and life. It showed that Christians have one of the of the best stories to tell because when God is involved, there is life, sacrifice, and redemption.

The End of the Spear, the story of 5 missionaries who died at the hands of a violent tribe in Ecaudor (The group inlcuded Jim and Elizabeth Elliot), and how two of the wives of these men returned to the tribe and showed them the way into God’s Kingdom.

And all of this was too good to be true. We couldn’t let the world think kindly of Christians for too long. We had to go and mess it up. In fact, we’ve messed it up so bad that no one wants to talk about the story in the movie. Everyone is talking about what Chad Allen, an actor who plays a main character in the movie, does with his spare time: works with gays and lesbians thanks to this article. (NY Times article). “More than 100 pastors of churches across the country signed a letter drafted by Mr. Janz and addressed to Every Tribe expressing their disappointment in the casting of Mr. Allen.”

Fantastic. We couldn’t let it rest. We are so lost in our quest to purge the sin out of our nation that we push ourselves and the world with us closer to hell.

We’ve given up our redemptive role in society and are playing the morality police. That doesn’t cut it. Do we really think we can regulate and petition the world into heaven? Is the Kingdom of God something that we can lobby to do our bidding?

Never mind that there are real people out there who need God desperately. We’re building our own kingdom with our rules and regulations. Anyone who does not meet our standards is not welcome.