Bono and Bush

<%image(20060206-bono.bush.ap.jpg|220|242|bonobush)%> While Bono gave a top notch speech at a prayer breakfast in Washington D.C. and everyone is blogging about it, I couldn’t help but notice the picture that CNN posted with their article. Bush sure can take a bad picture.

What the heck is going through dubbuya’s mind? Is he excited to meet Bono? Is this the photo opt he’s been waiting for all of his political career, thereby fusing his right wing constituents with the dissatisfied, left-leaning church? Or is he thinking about having a tuna sandwich for lunch? I imagine that Bush had the same smile after beating John Kerry in 2004. What a smirk!

And Bono, he seems to be mentally blocking out the man holding his right hand. In fact, his left hand seems to be reaching out, struggling to get as far away from the man holding his right hand. Is Bono thinking about swatting dubbaya with that rolled up paper? Is he a little depressed because he fears no one will listen to his plea for a 1% tithe to the poor?

By the way, if you haven’t listened to the speech, it really is worth your time. link
Back in high school I used to doubt that Bono was a Christian, just wishful thinking on the part of a few friends. A few years ago I realized that Bono is very much a follower of Jesus. He just follows Jesus so closely that he doesn’t look like a typical Christian with all of the sub-culture and church baggage. This speech reveals a guy who is very much in tune with the heart of God (Yes, Adam, you were right all along).

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