Religious, but Sensible

He’s religious, but sensible.
How so?
He know where to draw the line.
Where is that?
Where sense stops and religion becomes damaging.
So religion is only safe when it’s sensible?
I didn’t say that. Religion isn’t safe at all. Religion is really just a bunch of non-sense, a stimulant for the brain. Like wine, a taste is delightful, but too many glasses can make one a blubbering fool. Religious people must cling to sensibility, lest they become of no use to society.
You have really thought this through. I assume that you would not consider yourself religious?
Well I lean toward the sensible side of the equation, but the occasional prayer is not beyond my sensibilities.
I see. Less religion, more sense so to speak.
Certainly. Religion perpetrates so much evil, intolerance, and confusion. There is no better guide than one’s own sense.
Quite, but what if a religious man says that it is only sensible to be religious? In fact, what if one does not have sense unless relion reigns supreme?

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Such nonsense! I shouldn’t think that this “one” could even think straight!
So religion clouds judgment?
Is there no other effect that fanciful myths masquerading as the gospel truth can have on one’s faculties?
Possibly. But isn’t one’s sense capable of doing the same?
I fear that I do not grasp where you are going.
Certainly. I’m saying that one’s sense can fall prey to false information, make crucial errors in judgment, and cause just as much suffering as any religion.
But are we not supposed to rely on sensibility to keep religion from getting out of hand?
We can rely on it if we choose, but it’s impossible to say which can govern the other, religion or sensibility.
So either way we end up favoring one or the other?
Exactly. Some rely on religion to override what is typically sensible, while others debunk religion by relying on sensibility. Whichever one we favor will only continue to validate our choice.
So how do we know if our senses of religion and sensibility are correct?
We can’t know.
Are you sure? Isn’t there anyone at all who can sort this out?
Perhaps one person.
One person? Are you serious?
And who is this person with the corner on religion and sensibility?