Evangelicals Warm Up, While Others Are Inflamatory

<%image(20060208-warren.jpg|184|250|warren)%>Warming Up to An Important Issue
The NY Times reports (link):
“Despite opposition from some of their colleagues, 86 evangelical Christian leaders have decided to back a major initiative to fight global warming, saying “millions of people could die in this century because of climate change, most of them our poorest global neighbors.”

Among signers of the statement, which will be released in Washington on Wednesday, are the presidents of 39 evangelical colleges, leaders of aid groups and churches, like the Salvation Army, and pastors of megachurches, including Rick Warren, author of the best seller The Purpose-Driven Life.”

Way to go fellahs! I wonder who wouldn’t support such a resolution? Oh, just Dobson, Colson, and a theologian. That’s fine, I hope your head stays cool in the sand while other people try to do something about a well-documented problem.

And now for some comic relief . . .
Marc over at Purgatorio has created a hysterical Christian satire based on the Danish cartoon controversy. For context, here’s a link on John Bunyan.

<%image(20060208-bunyan.jpg|170|250|bunyan)%> “A cartoon depicting Puritan author and allegorist John Bunyan as a thelogical terrorist has brought bitter and acrimonious responses from Reformed Baptists around the globe. The image, originally published in the Presbyterian denominational magazine Paedo has been circulated widely and has been decried by religious leaders of all faiths as abhorrent. The editors of Paedo defend the decision to publish the cartoon, citing the cherished freedom of one denomination being able to openly mock another. Cartoon artist Archie Sprawl describes the image ‘I was trying to portray the violence I felt Bunyan does to the biblical text in regards the issue of baptism… I guess it got blown out of proportion a bit’.” (link)

By the way, “paedo” is most commonly used in Presbyterian circles in reference to “paedo” baptism or infant baptism. Baptists prefer dunking grown children/adults, while Presbyterians treat infant baptism as a covenant ceremony. Baptists and Presbyterians are known for their squabbles over such theologically ambiguous issues.