<%image(20060210-Jesusteen.jpg|242|307|jesusteenage)%> I was browsing at a web page and came accross this link in the ad section:

Who was Teenage Jesus?

I sure as heck didn’t know, so I checked it out. Oh, my word, this was for real. I’m not sure what to make of this. I appreciate the attempt at contextualizing the Gospel . . . but Jesus, I mean teenage Jesus, looks like a “playa.” It is helpful to remember that Jesus was teenage once who confronted many of the same struggles that teens face today. The story behind the poster is really interesting, and The web site actually does have some good thoughts about raising teens and relating to them. This is not one of them:

“It is an image that is so cool and confidant that it almost guarantees space on the walls of their bedrooms, among the posters of rock stars, athletes and supermodels.

It’s the perfect gift for kids who would like a thought provoking image on their walls that is different from the traditional images.”

<%image(20060210-homestar.jpg|300|225|homestar)%> I mean, having Jesus as a role model is a very good thing. Right now I’d say that competition is pretty hot though with Homestar Runner, a well established name among teens. Homestar has his own web site and says goofy, if not unintelligible things. That’s a tough act to follow.

Update: So my question is, who’s cooler? Teenage Jesus or Homestarrunner???

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  1. Ed Post author

    I was trying to find the picture of him with sunglasses, but ran out of time this morning. It’s from the episode where he puts on sunglasses to be cool, says "wassup?" and promptly wins a bet that he can be cool.

    The conversation about teen Jesus at http://www.purgatorio1.com is hilarious by the way.

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