Just Life

Too much time spent on the computer. Too little time spent reading.
Too many dishes. Too little snow.
Too much whining. Too little gratitude.

Just life lately. I’ve realized that over the past week life has been out of balance to a certain degree. I’m feeling the need to get out more, clean up the house a bit, and read more. It’s all too easy to open up bloglines and get lost in a world of linking, reading, commenting, browsing, etc. I think for the next week I need to limit my computer time to the morning. Once the evening hits I could just sit on the couch for hours with my lap top and fritter my time away.

Of course there have also been some major highlights in life:

Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers : Fresh Ideas for the Weeknight Table
Simple Suppers has been my salvation as of late. First of all, Julie has been really happy with this cookbook. She has a chance to cook after a long day at school, but the recipes are not very hard or time consuming. Secondly, we are both eating very well. It sure beats Chinese, pizza, and deli food!

At the mercy of the library: Fawlty Towers – The Complete Collection
<%image(20060211-fawlty.jpg|119|160|fawlty)%> We have been at the mercy of the library lately for entertainment. It’s free and you can keep the videos longer than the one at the local convenience store. Fortunately the BBC has established a beachhead at most libraries, our tiny one included. Fawlty Towers is one of those series that Josh always told me about, but I never was able to find it. Now we have endulged ourselves and it has been wonderful. It’s quite possibly some of the best stuff John Cleese has ever done. Believe, we’re suffering through the Flying Circus now and it doesn’t even come close to Fawlty Towers.

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As an early Valentine’s Day present, we are going to Williamstown, MA today for a little time at a free art museum (you’d think I’ve had enough of art these days) and then a meal at a nice Thai restaurant. I can’t wait!

Time on the Cross
Reading Psalm 22 yesterday was strangely refreshing. The verse, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” has not penetrating into my thinking very much. How easily we despair, complain, whine, etc. The plain truth is that Christians are supposed to feel abandoned sometimes. These dark nights are somehow part of our growth. That’s uncomfortable and it won’t be a best selling book topc, but it’s also dangerous to be unaware of these times that are sure to come.