Get Firefox! The other day I checked out inamirrordimly with Internet Explorer and was surprised to see that the site looks a bit different. The tags have the arrows next to them and other buttons on the side bar have the arrows as well. Hmmmm. I didn’t realize that. Apparently 35% of this sites users are on Internet Explorer.

Well if you’re using Internet Explorer, I will be updating the site to make it look a bit cleaner for you, but there is another way . . . I recommend using Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. It’s safer to use than Internet Explorer and blocks way more pop-ups. What I have come to love about it are:

tabbed browsing
bookmarks on your toolbar
every search engine built into your toolbar

The tabbed browsing is great because you can keep everything in the same window, but simply click on the tab of each page as you want to view it. If you’re clicking on a link, but don’t want to lose your current page, just right click it, and a select “open in a new tab.” I really cannot be on the internet now without this. IE drives me nuts when I have to open 10 windows just have everything open that I’m working on.

The bookmarks on your toolbar are incredibly convenient, and then you actually use them a lot more. They also don’t eat up 1/3 of your page such as the bookmarks in IE when displayed. You even have the option of opening all of them at once in multiple tabs. I keep all of my blogs and important bookmarks right up top where they are easily accessible. You can also add a plug-in that lets you tag anything with just one click.

Lastly, if neither of those options suite your fancy, this will. You can choose from a list of search engines that you can add right to your toolbar. Firefox has a small box up top where you can choose to search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and just about anything else. You can choose from 1,000’s of search engines that are all neatly grouped on the firefox extension page. I can search various Bible translations, book web sites, wikipedia, and google all by typing my info into the search box and selecting an engine.

If you choose to stick with IE, I understand. I had to be introduced to Firefox by force. My brother-in-law downloaded it and showed me how to use it. He was convinced that I needed it . . . and he was right. I just didn’t want to change. I encourage you, Firefox is worth a shot.