Inamirrordimly Birthday Celebration

<%image(20060215-balloons.jpg|135|90|balloons)%> Happy Birthday Inamirrordimly!!!

OK, it’s actually belated. The offical birthday was on February 12th when Josh finished building the site and made the first post back in 2005. Dang it, I missed it. So today is actually a belated celebration.

This blog was born over breakfast at the Golden Dawn Diner II in South Jersey. From there it has migrated to living rooms, telephone lines, and e-mails. Though Josh is too busy these days to do a lot of posting, he really is the one who made this blog happen. God only knows what kind of lousy thing I would have churned out without him. It’s also great to work with someone else on a blog. I really value Josh’s insights and comments, some that are posted and others that are discussed via e-mail or the telephone.

In honor of our first year on the web, I have compiled a little list of favorite posts. (insert Casey Kasem voice) To start us off with our countdown of the past year, I wanted to paste in Josh’s original post that started it all:

“For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

Ed and I want to use this space to record our reflections on life, Christianity, and Spirituality. We named this site “” because of the picture it draws for us. Reflections, but of something not completely graspable. Knowledge, but limited in scope.

We hope that this can be a place that houses thoughts that resonate with you and your journey. Please visit often and comment freely!

There it is in all it’s glory from February 12th, 2005. Shortly after that I put up my first blog post on February 15th on Relational Theology.

Excluding the current month of February, here is my list of highlights from the past year.

Personally Formative
03/18: A Mission Trip to Your Neighborhood: This concept has completely changed how I live day to day.
05/21: God Doesn’t Care About What I Ask For . . .
09/20: If God Wrote A Leadership Book
10/26: Hindsight Theology
11/07: Rethinking Church: Overview: This little series was close to my heart.
01/25: With a Heavy Heart: A Tribute to Philip Berg: Phil was a really special guy. I added a link to the sidebar of the blog for all who want to financially support Martha and her five children.

04/03: Beware the Maple Trees: NPR got letters about this.
07/14: The Great Beaver Rescue Effort: Why beer and humanitarian efforts should never be mixed.

Classic Josh
04/19: Keeping the Maine thing the main thing… Nothing’s better than a good pun.
05/16: Identity Theft: I always appreciate Josh’s thoughts on brokenness.

03/07: Jello and the Changes We Pray For: Josh told me that he really enjoyed this post.
05/26: Fragmentation in Suburbia: A problem that needs to be dealt with.
05/02: Improv Ministry
08/06: When It’s Time to Stop Emerging
01/16: Are You Expendable? or “Why are Christians so dang mean sometimes?”

People Left Comments on These!
10/15: Letting Missionaries Lead the Way
10/30: Playing Our Game By Our Rules
01/09: Imagine This: This Song is Lousy, Cheesy, and Anti-Gospel . . . Here Comes a Rant: This raised a few eye brows.
01/11: Jesus, the Church Planting Failure? (Intro) This raised a few more.