Vermont Links

If you check out my tags, you will see that I have been on a tagging rampage. I am in the process of collecting links on a few topics and figured that would be the way to go. Once I tagged a few web sites, I went into my account and found out who was linking to the same sites. This virtually opened a Pandora’s box of options and I was off.

I literally had my Mozilla tabs so full of open web sites that they all could not fit! Here are some interesting sites that may have to make their way over to the sidebar at some point.

802 Online: VT media, general interest, and a great blog list. 802 is the Vermont area code in case you were wondering.
CandleBlog: Voted VT’s top blog by somebody.
PoliticsVT: a great service!
Mike Beganyi: One of those artistic, minimalist blogs that has so little and looks so good.

Other Sites to Check Out
Seven Days: VT’s alternative web weekly.
iManchester: I wish this site was more up to date. Nonetheless, it’s the town I hang out in. Well, I actually just hang out at the Northshire Bookstore and the Spiral Press Cafe there.
iBennington: the other town near us. If there was no Bennington, there would be no Home Depot or Aldi, and alas, my life would be so empty.