It’s 45 Degrees . . . In the Living Room

On Friday around 11 am, wind gusts of 60 mph knocked over a bunch of trees around us. Nearby power lines were sent crashing to the road, closing down 7a and putting us in the dark . . . and cold. Fortunately we have a nice Kerosene heater, blocked ourselves up in the living room, and got that one room up to 87 degrees (F). Not bad. We then heated up the bedroom and tucked in the for the night.

Of course we turned off the heater before going to sleep. We woke to a 45 degree (F) house. Wow, that’s quite cold for a house, especially when your water is cold too!

We got the heater going again and the temperature clawed it’s way up to the 50’s. Out of desperation, I called our plumber to find out if the heater in the basement had a manual start up button (it didn’t). As soon as the phone rang with his call, the power came back. Before he spoke, the heater pumped on.

A little over 24 hours without power seemed like an eternity. No coffee grinder. No cell phone charger. No microwave. No hot shower. And worst of all, no computer! I basically lived liked a pre-school child who kept doing the wrong thing: “No, you can’t do that.”

The rabbits for one seem quite glad to be in a warmer house now. I was a bit concerned for them. Our plan was to move their cages into our room and keep them as warm as we can. Thankfully we can keep them in their little play area and not worry about them.

Now that the power is back, I am very thankful. The temperature will be dipping down to zero and will hover in the single digits and teens for a few days. That is really cold for me. Of course there’s Jordon Cooper who blithly comments that it’s -45 degrees celcius outside. If that was the case, here, I would check out every movie from the library and never leave the house.

Fortunately, I do have a VHS copy of Dune on hand for cold days and nights. After reading the book I’m quite excited to give the movie a try.