Bloglines Finds

There are just too many items to cover today, so I’ll have to settle for a list instead of indepth interaction with each of them. Here are a few items that I found via my feeds at Bloglines:

Furor Over Cartoons Pits Muslim Against Muslim

On Podiums and in Parties, Russia Is Red-Hot

Debt to Society Is Least of Costs for Ex-Convicts

Canada is emerging as an Olympic powerhouse Who let a psychotic Jim Carey-look-alike compete for Canada??? The scary part is that he apparently won a gold medal!

Wal-Mart Opens Store Targeting Amish: The manure’s in aisle seven . . . (via)

‘Iraq’s Jordanian Jihadis’ author Nir Rosen replies to my post: The blog has a strange name. That said, I really enjoy this blog. It’s one of my personal favorites. Natasha is a Jordanian journalist who now lives in the US. She has a very insightful perspective on events in the Middle East and works hard on offering a balanced perspective. Her blog helps document the empowerment of voices and perspectives that would otherwise not be heard. The link I have here is a great dialogue between herself and a reporter for the NY Times. Isn’t it great that the writers of articles are able to have these kinds of discussions online?

NT. Wright’s Fresh Perspective 4: Scot McNight + NT Wright = Good Read

Atonement and Postmodernity

A Little Slice of Vermont

Tarrant to Sanders: No Outside Interests: Ah, Vermont politics. Bernie Sanders is one wacky dude in my opinion. I am curious what Tarrant is up to. It sounds like he’s trying to be more “genuinely Vermont” than Sanders. I think the Vermont state motto could be something like: “Dare to be different” or perhaps, “Don’t make us cecede!”

Rockwell models want exhibit to stay put: The big news around Arlington, VT is the Rockwell exhibit up for sale at $250,000, which is chump change for those NY and CT buggers who come up here to their second homes. I wound’t be surprised if a developer bought the exhibit, tore it down, and put in a laundro-mat or something. I would hate to see the exhibit go, but if they’re going to keep it, the place needs A LOT OF WORK. There’s a reason why the exhibit is doing lousy (it’s not very good). Nevertheless, if you are passing through, it’s not bad to pay a few bucks to learn about a very significant artist and to find out about him from his models.