Gotta Have a Google Page

The sign up period for Google Page Creator lasted for roughly 9 hours today. Google did offer an explanation. If you want to get the latest Google toy, you’ll have to sign up on a waiting list using your Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail by the way, you need it. Really.

You can get a sneak peek at Google’s latest here. After you sign up for the waiting list, you can read about Google Pages in the group section. That will tell you a bit more about what Google has up its sleeve. Here are some other Google Pages: link, link, link.

Of course there is no logical reason why anyone needs a Google page other than . . . to simply have it. It’s like low risk, low cost consuming. Maybe that’s why people love the internet. You can swap commodities and information without incurring a major cost. You can “get” something without having to pay much of anything. I’m not sure if this is good because we just end up wasting more time on junk we don’t need or dont’ have time for.

Yeah. Well whatever, I want my Google Page!

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