Equinox Pond

Last week we took a drive to Manchester, Vermont and hiked around the trail system at Equinox Pond. Though it’s a small and shallow pond, it’s a beautiful spot with the looming mass of Mt. Equinox towering above it. Just about the whole pond was frozen and the ice was quite thick in some places. We ventured out onto the ice close to shore. Here’s a little photographic sampling of our time there:

<%image(20060225-Feb 2006 020.jpg|300|225|equinoxpond)%>

<%image(20060225-Feb 2006 026.jpg|300|225|ice)%>

<%image(20060225-Feb 2006 011.jpg|300|225|ice 2)%>

<%image(20060225-Feb 2006 018.jpg|225|300|equinoxpond 2)%>

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