And on Other Blogs . . .

Mondays allow some time to browse blogs beyond my daily diet. There’s nothing better than being able to follow every link that my heart desires and fill up my tabs with a host of interesting pages. Here are a few that drew my attention today:

Another Kind of Christian: Sherman presents a good characterization of two kinds of Christians (particularly within the conservative/post-conservative camp) and then asks what makes them different. My question that follows up on this is, “Why do they sometimes quarrel?” That may be a good topic for a future post.

Emerging Peter: A Community Gospel
and Emergent Theology: Scot McKnight continues on his blogging tear. While dealing with emerging church issues and theology, I love how he never gets lost in them because he’s above all else a Biblical Theologian. He loves the Bible and is a great example of someone who deals with the theological challenges of today without losing his footing in Biblical study and reflection.

Ancient/Future Catholic Musings
wants to know what you’re doing for Lent: How about this or that.

Canadian Olympic Cartoon Review: thanks Brother Maynard.

More Olympic Cartoons.

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