First Time

Yesterday a couple of firsts happened for us. One is ice skating outside at the town rink. It’s just a rectangular slab of asphalt painted blue that is filled up with water, frozen, and then cleared of snow. I’ve always had to pay admission in order to ice skate. Now we can just cross-country ski or snow shoe across the rec park with our skates, lace them up, and we’re ready to go. It’s a great time, even if our skates are dull. The hockey stop is my next project.

<%image(20060227-EvaMunching2.jpg|300|225|eva)%> Another first for us is having rabbits around the house. You can see pictures of Bailey and Eva, our mini rex rabbits, by clicking on the flickr badge in the left column. Bailey sits on the couch with me and attempts to scamper onto my lap or onto the lap top. He sometimes manages to hit the enter key or the arrows. It’s kind of hysterical to watch him slide all over the lap top keyboard.

<%image(20060227-BaileyUpright.jpg|300|226|bailey)%> What’s even more ridiculously funny is Eva and her “binkies”. If you’re not familiar with the rabbit world, and we mostly aren’t, you’ve probably never heard of a binky. It’s a horrible name for one of the best things that rabbits do. It’s a kind of wild, spastic jump that rabbits do when they’re happy or playing. Eva does them every day in either the early morning or later evening. These wild jumps that rotate at 90 and even 180 degrees are so quirky and unusual to watch. And last night, I got Eva riled up by chasing her around. She decided to show off and performed the rare quadruple binky. It was a flurry of motion with the rabbit jumping, twitching, wiggling, and spinning around on our rug. A brief moment of silent awe preceded our peals of laughter. I’m working on recording one of these episodes.

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