Emerging Beyond Definitions

I think that the time of defining the emerging church has passed. This may be obvious to most, but it’s worth talking about what’s supposed to happen after the defining.

I had a few rambling thoughts on this, but I thought they would fit in better on my “theology thick” blog. Here’s a clip from it.

“We have been moving out of a culture that lived by nouns. Everything had to be defined precisely. But the emerging church is part of a different time that is defined far more by action and verbs, if you will. In a time of transition it was necessary to rely heavily on nouns when speaking of the emerging church. Now it is time to wean ourselves off nouns and move on to verbs (I am relying heavily on some material taught by Joe Meyers on noun-centric vs. ver-centric language).”

Read the whole thing. (I know there are some ETREK-ers out there who can chime in on this one).