The Just Enough Series

Beware, I’m feeling a little irreverent today . . .

We at Inamirrordimly recognize that times can be hard for the Christian right these days. Even with a conservative president, conservative majority in congress, and a conservative posse on the Supreme Court, it’s easy to feel marginalized and threatened in America these days. There are a host of issues and interest groups who have their sights set on destroying all that the church has worked so hard to build and maintain throughout the proud history of America.

But here is where the dilemna arises. Christians are supposed to be reading the Bible and aggressively proselytizing. When are they supposed to find the time to research these angry, anti-Christian groups and adequately confront them???

The answer is the “Just Enough” series. The editors of the Just Enough series recognize that Christians do not need to be experts in order to oppose something. They don’t need to read the books, watch the movies, learn the science, or do extensive research. They just need a summary, a list of the threats, and then a simple plan of action. Here’s what the editor’s have to say about the Just Enough series:


Concerned and responsible Christians who want to fight for the preservation of a godly nation, but don’t have time for extensive research possess a new weapon to wield. In order to counter every foe attacking the Christian right, Conquest Press has released the Just Enough series. Each volume will present just enough information about threatening groups and issues so Christians can oppose, petition, and eventually defeat them.

In light of the consistent steps backward in the battles to reinstate intelligent design in the classroom, the editors of the series have chosen to tackle the thorny theory (that’s right, it’s only a theory) of evolution. Find out what prominent theologians have to say against evolution and the shocking statements made by scientists about the Bible. You will also find arguments for intelligent design that presuppose a Christian worldview, a list of flaws in the theory of evolution, and an action plan for taking back our schools.

As an added bonus for Christian activists who wish to use the material to its full potential, there is an apendix with tips on circulating petitions and organizing protests. Each volume will also include an index of relevant right wing organizations who are working against the issue covered in the particular volume. Not only does the reader learn a little about a topic that must be opposed, he/she will also become a right wing activism power house!

Future editions of the Just Enough series will include the following topics: the Left Wing Agenda, RFID, Harry Potter, and Global Warming.

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