A Peaceful Day on a Battlefield

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 023.jpg|350|262|Saratoga)%> On a warm sunny day we headed off to Saratoga, NY for a hike around the Saratgoga battlefield, the site of the famous defeat of the British forces under John Burgoyne in 1777 during the American Revolution. Read about the battle in Wikipedia.

According to my friend Jon who is quite in the know about American history, Saratoga is one of the best preserved battlefields. We were expecting just a bunch of fields, but the park is really neat. There are rolling fields, the remnants or some earthworks, large clumps of forest, and spectacular views of the Hudson River valley with some low-lying mountains off to the East. It’s not a bad place to spend the day.

The picture with the canon looking over the field is Breyman’s redoubt. It was a key position in the British lines held by regular Hessians. While being attacked on the front, they were flanked on their left by Benedict Arnold and a group of American troops he had rallied. The canon is part of the Hessian lines and looks out to where the frontal assault came from.

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 018.jpg|350|262|saratoga2)%> We hiked on a 4.5 mile trail around part of the battlefield, but will have to come back sometime to drive out to the other parts of the battlefield that were not on the loop. Even if you don’t know the history, you can pick up enough by taking a map along and walking around the trail. Check out the Saratoga National Park web site for more details about visiting.

Of course it wouldn’t be a day on the town without a visit to a used book store. And we hit one in the little town of Schuylerville . . .

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 015.jpg|300|225|OldSaratoga)%> Old Saratoga books in the little village of Schuylerville is quite a nice little used book store. I didn’t make it too far into their collection, but they had a nice selection of history books (as one should in its location), as well as a decent mix of old and new books. I hit the religion section really hard and came out with a few gems, including a first edition of Christ and Culture and good copies of Robert Alter’s The Art of Biblical Narrative and The Art of Bilical Poetry. Not exactly leisure reading, but they’re important enough to chip away at when not engrossed in an NT Wright book.

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 013.jpg|262|350|schuylerville)%> The main street in town was not very long or very pretty, but there was a wonderful stretch of old-fashioned brick homes. The book store was in the middle of it and I deemed it worth a picture. I will stick a few more pictures below from our day out.

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 036.jpg|350|262|Saratoga3)%>

<%image(20060312-March 11, 2006 031.jpg|262|350|saratoga4)%>

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