Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

While looking over the new non-fiction books, I came across a book with the title: Real Life, Real Love by a priest named Albert Cutie.

I confess, I didn’t pick up the book and read it over. I didn’t have the stomach for it. Where do I begin?

The title has something about “7 Paths to a Strong and Lasting Relationship.” I’m not a big fan of “steps.” Maybe you can list some principles or patterns, but steps???? Ick. Sounds like the fast track to divorce.

“Listen honey, I know that you hate it when I spend all of our money on steak and beer, but Cutie tells me . . .”

“What, who is that? Who’s this cutie??”

“A priest.”

“You’re not…”

“No, no, no, I’m just saying that step one in making our marriage better, according to Cutie, is . . .”

And the name. What’s up with that? If you’re writing about love, a pen name may be in order if you’ve got “Cutie” attached to your book. Just a suggestion there. “Father Cutie” and his love advice just has a bad ring.

I also wonder what exactly he has to say. I’m assuming that he really can’t get too deep into married love, being a priest and all that. Sure there is much to be said about love apart from marriage, but I’m not sure if I can listen to what “Cutie” has to say. Unless he’s been married, how much can he really know what the day to day rigors of marriage entail? Even if he has had experience in counseling married couples, that doesn’t act as a supplement for actually living it.

You can read what readers have to say about the book here. All of my many jokes about his name aside, people seem to think he’s pretty swell. I’m glad that he’s helping people. I know that I’m a moron for critiquing a booK I have not even read yet. At least I fess up to it.

I should warn you that Cutie has his own TV show. Sounds a bit “Pat Robertson-ish” if you ask me.

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